Solar Water Heater

Inner tank: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel.Outer tank: Import silver drawbench steel...

Solar Vacuum Tubes

Core technology: combining the innovation & scientific technological of thermal conductivity wave ...

Solar Collector

The solar collector can connect to the pressured water tank and it can be installed on the flat with stand...

About Gaodele

Our mainly produces including:all-glass vacuum tubes,solar water heaters and other related solar thermal products.We have an independent R&D team and complete industrial chain,output reaches 300,000sets of solar water heaters,and the all-glass vacuum tube at 3,000,000 pcs.Gaodele has more than 100items of patented tech.,and successfully developed three high-copper silver titanium purple,High frequency solar tube,vector solar tube cores of solar vacuum tubes,which fill up many gaps in the industry on solar collecting,heat transfer and thermal insulation.

our products

Three targets solar vacuum tubes advantages
Three targets solar vacuum tubes advantages 1. Greatest advantage: the use of advanced coating technology ma...

Vector solar tubes
Vector solar tubes advantages 1. FilmA "multi-metallic coating interference" completely overcome the film discoloration, off film...

Color Steel Series
Features: 1) Outer tank: colored steel sheet, thickness of 0.4mm2) Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel, thickness of 0.4mm3) Frame: 1.5mm ...

What is solar?

Using the energy calculator, you can know how much energy a solar collector will produce each day, month, year. You can use the heat water for shower, washing clothes.
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How does using solar help the environment?

Estimate how much CO2 emissions can be reduced by installing an Sunflower solar water heater together with either an electric or a natural gas water heater.
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What is solar insolation?

The amount of electromagnetic energy (solar radiation) incident on the surface of the earth.
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